FAUX Dry Shampoo by Blow Hair CareJust the other day I was given the opportunity to learn about the first blow dry bar, Blow NY and their new hair care line, blowPro.  I decided to try and review their Faux Dry (dry shampoo) for girls everywhere (myself included) who don’t have the time to wash, blow-dry, straighten, and curl their hair everyday. Faux Dry uses the “shake-shake-poof” strategy.

TIP: Don’t shake it like a salt shaker. Simply shake the product up and down twice, squeeze the bottle and POOF the product into the section(s) needed.  To get more added body, use your hands to work in the translucent dry shampoo or you can use a brush.

Some things I found that I loved with the Faux Dry: no white residue in scalp or on my clothes, smells fresh and not fresh like the once popular “baby’s bottom” smell.  The Faux Dry also isn’t wasted with their method of the “shake shake poof” because you aren’t shaking it into your hair getting it everywhere but your head.  After I tried this product, I was instantly sold, well I lied- I was sold after the “POOF” part of the “shake-shake-poof” method.

The whole blowPRO care line is paraben & sulfate free
Product Pair Up :: blowPro ‘perfect’ Shower Cap $18
This oversized shower cap is ideal for that same girl that does not have time to wash her again but does have the time to hop in the shower. The shower cap has a terry cloth inside lining that is sure not to let any heat, water or steam touch your hair.  One of the girls I work with puts hot rollers in her hair for the perfect curl and is still able to jump in the shower and get ready for her day with the use of her blowPro shower cap.

blowPro® 'perfect' shower cap


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