No Smudge. Bobbi Brown’s Cream Shadows.

When looking for the perfect eye shadow, no matter the color you are looking for, we all want something that lasts.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found the “perfect” color only to have it be “MIA” two hours later.  Yeah you can spend an extra $20 on a primer that will make that color last a little bit longer, but what if I told you that you could have a base, water resistant, color that lasts all day?  I know I’m a little biased on my preferred makeup brand, but I have tried plenty of cream shadows, but I haven’t found one better than Bobbi’s Browns Long Wear Cream Shadows.  They are not only beautiful on their own, but are the perfect “base” for a powder shadow over it.  The pigment in these colors are beautiful as well.  I took a picture of a few of my favorite cream shadows.

There are 18 regular cream shadows **favorites: malted, galaxy and beach bronze** and there are 12 metallic cream shadows available.  Cream shadows are $22 and worth every penny.  They can be applied with a cream shadow brush or your finger.  I find it easiest to use these cream shadows to apply a very thin layer with your cream shadow brush then use your finger to smooth it out.  If you use too much, it WILL get clumpy and look crusty.  These cream shadows aren’t really meant to be layered.

TIP: Using short strokes layer color on lids for a more pigmented effect. For a more sheer effect, use your fingers to blend.

In the picture below, I chose a few of our metallic cream shadows which are based more on “sparkles” than a high pigment these are mainly meant to add pop to a powder shadow or to be worn over a regular cream shadow.  *Top to bottom: Chrome Patina, Beach Bronze, Heather, Brown Metal, and Starry Purple*


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