Maybe it all started with my flapper obsession a year ago, but I am now drawn to anything “fringe”.  Working at Nordstrom, I see so many clothes that come in and go out so quickly but there was this one dress that I found and loved, bought it in both colors, wore one on Halloween and will wear the other one for a night out.  The nice thing is these dresses can be multi-seasonal dresses.  I can pair any of these with tights for a cold winter night, or with nothing in the summer time.

There’s just something about fringe… I love the texture and I love the flow.  It can flatter anyone’s figure with the tight dress but the flow fringe gives some detail in your midsection if needed.

Here are three dresses that I fell in love with, not only because of the quality and style, but the price was just right too.  I own two out of the three and plan on getting the middle dress, ASAP.  Tell me what you think? (From top to bottom: Nordstrom- Rust Camel $58, H&M-Gold $39.50, Kardashian Kollection-black $42.99).

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