I’m thankful for my FAUX tan.

Being tan takes priority right next to trying to be healthy, skinny, & toned.  Although, being all of those takes commitment and hard work- having a tan isn’t hard…..  Unless it’s November 11 and you have snow and ice to look forward to and about 7 months until you see the sun and 90 degree weather again.  When I say being tan goes right next to being toned & healthy…it actually makes me happier when I’m tan or have a nice glow to my skin.  I can’t say that for everyone, but there’s a reason skin cancer is at a high rate and tanning salons & self tanners are in demand right now.

I have been trying out various self tanners and finally found one that I’m INNNNN LOVEEEEEEE with.  It’s Kate Somerville’s Tanning Towelettes.  You literally just wipe the towel where you want a gorgeous glow and 2-4 hours you have a sun kissed glow.  Now I naturally have an olive complexion so results may vary but I have seen personally people who have fair skin rock the “faux tan” look and pull it off VERY well.

Each towelette is actually big enough for you to use on your WHOLE body.  Since I’m not concerned with my entire body being tan, what matters to me is my face, neck, chest, and arms really.  What I found works so your towelettes aren’t wasted is that you can cut them into squares or enough to use wherever needed and you can put the excess in a plastic ziploc bag and use for next time.

The towelette use gives you the reassurance that you will have a no-streak, EVEN tan.  You can use these up to every two days to build your tan as needed.

TIP: Use right before bed after a good exfoliation and moisturizer.  Using circular motions, swipe on to clean, dry skin.  Make sure you wash your hands right after, I had no signs of “orange” or streaks on my hands at all this morning. 

Benefits of Tan Towelettes

  • Non-toxic, paraben-free DHA is a safe coloring agent that reacts with the skin’s amino acids to darken in a way that complements natural skin tones.
  • A special formula was created to dry within seconds to ensure that clothing, sheets, and towels won’t get stained.
  • Tea Tree Extracts help keep skin clean and clear.
  • Calming Cucumber soothes and refreshes.
** Tanning Towelettes come 8 to a package $48**

Kate Somerville’s Tanning Towelettes can be purchased at:

  • KateSomerville.com
  • Sephora
  • Nordstrom

3 thoughts on “I’m thankful for my FAUX tan.

  1. Wendy

    Ahh haha I just realized we have the same WordPress theme on our blogs — too funny! I’m the same way too (I use EVERYTHING) even though I work for Mary Kay. I LOVE trying products 🙂


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