For a long time I thought sequins looked cheap and cheesy. A few years ago, I wouldn’t have looked twice at dresses with sequins, but now, I can’t decide which sequined dress I want to wear on New Years Eve.  Sequins are now popping up on every mannequin at a Macy’s, Nordstrom, and even a Forever 21 near you. Now depending on the brand, style, and quality sequins can look very stylish and on trend.  Brands like Akira’s Black Label, Express, Adianna Papell and Alice + Olivia are showcasing beautiful, well made designs featuring sequins.  Now since no one likes cheap, crazy, half of the sequins are falling off look,  I suggest really taking a good look at the quality and strength of the sequin itself on the clothing. There’s nothing worse than wearing that sequined skirt out once to the bar and the next morning your friendly cab driver is cleaning up your sequins all over his backseat.  In the meantime, you’re waking up hungover, with a sparsely sequined skirt!

So whether you are wearing a hot sequined mini skirt, dress, top, or your new comfy sequined Ugg boots, you are bound to get a few double takes this holiday season.

Thanks to the Twitter gods- I was able to connect with a site dedicated to everything sequins. is your one stop shop to everything sequins.  This site is your go-to when you don’t know what to pair your new cropped sequined jacket with that you saw Jessica Alba rock in the latest US Weekly.

At Sequin Coats & Jackets, “You will find product reviews, latest product releases, celebrity spots, and even guides on how to don a sequined piece without looking like a fashion victim – a thing that usually happens if you don’t wear sequins with care.”-

Here are a few sequined items that caught my eye:

Suzi Chin Black Sequin Long Sleeve Dress, $97.60 –











Laundry Sequin Cocktail Dress, $265 &











Mixed Sequin Mini Skirt $69











Top Shop Knitted All-Over Sequined Jacket $110








Sequin Cross Back Tank Top, $29.90











Akira Black Label O/S Sequin Stripe Top, $84.90











Parker Sequin Open Back Blouse $319











Lily White Sequin Miniskirt $33 (B.P)











Adrianna Papell, Sequin Shift Dress $258 


5 thoughts on “Sequins.

  1. Jiggs KC

    Reblogged this on the Squished Diorama and commented:
    So here we go with the Sequins. If you follow what women are buying this winter, one of the trends is #sequins. They are on hats, gloves, dresses, skirts, shoes, purses – anything you can put sequins on, you’ll find em.

    If it isn’t enough, these aren’t just cocktail dresses, sequins are going mainstream. A former fashionistas go 2 has now got girls gushing over this shiny, shimmery disks in zombie-like droves. Just jump on twitter and hashtag #sequin, and you’ll have lots to talk about.

    Woman everywhere are going ga-ga over their sequins. But don’t they look tacky? I know, you get women in a crowd to swoon over something and it could look like leg-warmers.

    I understand, fashion is fresh and moving and integrates whatever wasn’t on sale last year and grabs from years prior to spin together something marketable for the new year. I think sequins will die out by february. i hope.

    I don’t mind sequins in vegas, or sequins sparingly used every now and then – but this is becoming a HUGE FAD. One thing that we know about huge fads, is that they die off. I’m just hoping this one has peaked and we are seeing the final marketing push to get rid of the old product.


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