Manicure Mondays – Butter London.

I have decided to research almost every nail polish company out there.  I will be trying out brands from Nordstrom, Ulta, Sephora, Sally’s & Walgreens.  With such a wide range of stores it will give me different brands to choose from, try, and see which ones last and which ones don’t.  The worst part about picking nail polish isn’t always picking the color….it’s picking the brand that’s going to last for more than 24 hours.

Ever heard of Butter London?

If you answered “yes” then kudos to you.  If you answered “no” then it’s about time you learned.  Butter London is “3 free” which means 1) no Formaldehyde 2) no  Toluene and 3) No Parabens.  They were the first U.S. nail company to sell non-toxic nail lacquer.  I could research for hours about the company and tell you about it, BUT what sells itself are the colors the line has to offer (oh and the cute names).  I will show you some of my favorite colors as time goes on but I wanted to do my first review on their nail polish brand.  I found two great deals after talking to a Butter London representative.  I explained my problem and how I find these cute colors and they either a) don’t last b) go on all hard and bubbly.  She then explained to me that it could be my nails themselves (point well taken, I’m overdue for a mani anyways) or what I’m using as a top coat.

She recommended Butter’s “Nail Foundation” which is a “flawless base coat” that you put on prior to your nail polish.  I’m not kidding when I say this, but I was instantly impressed, IT WAS LIKE PRIMER FOR YOUR NAILS.  Instantly, my nails were smoother, a perfect base for any polish.

(This duo came together at Nordstrom for $25 normally $36)

I then picked out a color, I had been searching for a sparkly nude for the holidays and poof I found one in a little specialty kit.  I chose Yummy Mummy.  The color went on smooth without bubbling or looking bumpy.  Also with this base, I didn’t need to put 3 coats like most light colors.  I did two and that was all I needed.  I finished with the Butter London “Hardwear” quick topcoat.  Which dried in half the time it normally takes my nails to dry.

Overall, I was very impressed with this Butter three step system.

Don’t have the time or money? Butter London does have a good rep when it comes to the long lasting nail polish with a quick top coat every other day.  This is my first time using the system and I tested with one hand & added a top coat everyday and the other with nothing.  I found that after a week I had ONE chip on my nails on the hand with the top coat.  I had two very minimal chips on the hand without any topcoat except the original.  I must say, that is impressive compared to what I am used to with chipping of more than 2 nails the second day!  I would definitely recommend the system- if not the base coat than the top coat is a must-have!!!

Yummy Mummy $14

Want to see your favorite brand on here?

Want to buy a certain polish…. but not sure of the quality?

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4 thoughts on “Manicure Mondays – Butter London.

  1. Clare Kessler (@cj_nanner)

    Have you heard of the Seattle company Julep? They offer 3 free nail polish as well and have an awesome montly program. You take a style quiz and then each month they send you polish and goodies! I’ve been a member since August and am in LOVE. I’m an “American Beauty” and have gotten some amazing colors and they go on so smooth. Chek them out at The first box is super cheap and the rest at $19.99 a month. Perks: you get free shipping always on any order and always 20% off. Plus referal credits! If you want to sign up, let me know, and I’ll give you mine 🙂

    ps–your welcome for the infomercial 🙂

  2. Amanda Crothers


    my favourite and longest lasting nail polish out there! the treatment is so fabulous!!

  3. michellefregoso

    I’d love to try the “system” to see if it works for me. I have a great, shiny red from Butter. I wonder, will I FINALLY find a polish that last more than 24 hours without chipping? Even the “no chip” chips on me 🙂


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