What’s in your bag? December.

As the seasons change and the weather slowly gets colder…it is essential to change what’s in your bag.  I have decided as the seasons change I am going to update you with what’s in my bag.  Maybe there’s something you’ve never tried before, something you always forget but need 75% of the time, or things you have in your bag too.

No matter how big or small my bag there are a few things that are must haves for me.

Bobbi Brown – Foundation Stick: There’s nothing worse than having a meeting at work or a date and you realize that zit you woke up with is red as a stop light while you are at dinner.  What’s easier than running to the bathroom and quickly gliding your foundation stick over the blemish or redness? Nothing is.

Eos – Lip Balm: The cutest, trendiest, cheapest lip balm EVER.  Especially during these winter months, we all could use a little moisture.  I use this in the morning before I start my day and at night when I’m about to go to sleep.  Tip: It’s even nice if you have the dry lips when you put on your favorite lip stick.  This balm helps smooth your lips before you put on your lipstick and keeps them moist.

Ulta Automatic – Black Eye Liner: After a long 8 hour shift at work and an hour gym session, the last thing you want to do is lug around your gel liner and brush.  The quick and inexpensive fix is this Ulta brand eye liner.  It is a smooth roll up liner that goes on smooth and dark (smudge proof). Another reason to try…. Ulta normally has great deals on their collection, these liners are normally BOGO free!

Burberry – Lip Gloss “Heather”: Want to jazz up your look but don’t want to look overdone?  Lip gloss is the answer to my prayers.  When I’m not working at the cosmetic counter, I love having a little bit of a colored shine on my lips to add a little something.  Lip gloss is perfect because it can be changed with any color you want in a matter of seconds.   You can add shimmer, color, sparkles, or just shine to vamp up your look.

Hair tiesat least two: I find myself reaching for a hair tie almost everyday no matter where I am.  It is the worst feeling in the world to have a bad hair day or want your hair out of your face but have no way of putting it up.  Stock up on these things, plus ask yourself: how often do friends ask for a hair thing?

Headphones –  No matter what gym bag I take or what song I’m listening to on Spotify at, having my headphones in my purse saves me $15 and making an extra trip to Walgreens to buy a new pair.  There’s nothing worse than getting to Starbuck’s to study or to the gym and realize you forgot your headphones at home.

Kiehl’s – Unusually Rich-But-Not-Greasy-At-All-Hand Cream: Winter is here.  Bring on the dry hands.  This is the quick fix that won’t leave your hands greasy, just soft and smooth (anything but dry).

What’s in your bag this holiday season?


7 thoughts on “What’s in your bag? December.

  1. Clare Kessler (@cj_nanner)

    I always keep a few packets of tea, just incase! And a pair of mittens. Can’t go wrong with those…if you have a spare second at work you can lotion up your hands and stick em in your mittens for 5 minutes and voila, hand treatment for my dry hands!

  2. Wendy

    Ahh I LOVE THIS! I like to ask my friends what they keep in their purses just so I can blog about it, but a seasonal update is so different/makes sense. I’ll credit you when I post mine 🙂 …totally agree — hair ties are a must. The feeling of looking in my bag and realizing I have no elastic= devastating. Also, you NEED to try Mary Kay’s Satin Lips set if you hate dry lips. It’s worth every penny for the lip mask alone (it exfoliates off dead skin and it so fun to do). I have a few in stock if you want to order it, let me know. 🙂 GREAT post!!!


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