Neons & Nudes.

We all look forward to Spring for many reasons, warm weather, cute spring dresses, and most of all summer is right around the corner.  My reasons, although practically the same, this year are a little different.  I am excited for my birthday (never changes) and Bobbi Brown’s Neons & Nudes Collection for Spring 2012.  This collection will launch in January of 2012 but I wanted to give you a little sneak peak of what is to come.

Make sure you check back in January- I will be going to training for Spring so I will be able to show and give you a sneak peak of behind what’s coming.  I must say, from what I know these colors are fabulous.  For all you cream shadow fans, there’s more colors coming down the pipeline (I know, I’m excited too).

Drum roll please……

Introducing a line that dares to mix the neons with the nudes and still makes it look fabulous.  One of the hottest colors of the spring will be featured in Bobbi’s collection. The mango-red hues of color are popping up everywhere for Spring and are in the spotlight of this new collection.

Lip Sticks: Uber Beige, Atomic Orange, Neon Pink

Blushes: Nude Peach and Nude Pink

Lip Glosses: Citrus, Cosmic Pink, Ultra Violet

Single Eye Shadows: Ultra Violet and Bluebell (Ultra Violet is Bobbi’s favorite bright shade)

Ultra Nude Eye Palette: Stone, Chino, Pink Chandelier, Praline, Champagne, Cocoa Berry

Ink Liner: I can’t wait to try this out.  It is based on Bobbi Brown’s long wearing gel liner and is supposed to last all day without needing any touch ups.

Stay tuned for real color swatches and more information about the Neons & Nudes Collection for 2012.


2 thoughts on “Neons & Nudes.

  1. tovah11

    Great pictures!

    Bobbi Brown tends to fall into the same chategory as Chanel for me. I want to like it. I keep trying it and it just always tends to disappoint. I believe they’re made well, but for some reason, except for maybe mascara, they don’t tend to work well for me.


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