Manicure Monday’s – Essie.

Although it’s Thursday- with the Christmas craziness, my days are off and today very well could be Monday.  For this week’s “Manicure Monday” I went with an Essie color called “Angora Cardi” and a glitter-ific Butter London color called “Rosie Lee.” On top of the colors I used Essie’s “Good to Go” base coat.

After a few days I did start to see chipping with some of my nails from the tip of my nails.  Although the annoying feeling of having chipped nails, I got so many compliments on my nails with these two colors.  The pink/purple combo really works well this holiday season especially mixed with the pink glitter that compliments the Essie color.

I have heard great things about another Essie top coat so I am going to try that to see if that helps with the color lasting a little longer without chipping for a future Manicure Monday-keep checking back & enjoy!

I decided to just do glitter on one nail to spice up the color and really show the contrast of the two colors but show how well they compliment each other at the same time.  I saw this concept in a magazine and LOVED it.  Tell me what you think!  Sparkle is great for a perfect combination to ring in the New Year on New Year’s Eve!

What’s your favorite sparkly nail polish? What do you think about funky nail trends like the one above?


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