Union Sushi – Chicago.

This is my second restaurant review and I finally decided I am only going to post reviews about restaurants I really do love.  I don’t like the idea of bashing restaurants because truth be told- your crabby waitress could have been dealing with a lot of craziness and could have had an off night.  But back to the good stuff- this restaurant review is on Union Sushi (@West Erie).  I loved this restaurant so much, I went back twice in the same weekend to try more of the menu.  Like I told you before, I love tapas style eating because I love to try a little bit of everything.

From the moment we sat down, the atmosphere in the restaurant was great.  Very low-key but a fun vibe to it, the staff was great and our waitress was great at recommending items off the menu.  Every table is offered a complimentary side of Edamame which was a nice little treat to start off with as you are trying to figure out what to order.

For my dinner I ordered the following: 

SLIDERS | wagyu beef, berkshire pork cutlet, crab cake ($5 each). 
*My favorite was the wagyu beef with the fried egg inside, delicious!  On the side of each came sweet potato chips.

Clifton #4 : fried calamari, masago, green onion, grilled asparagus, cilantro, marble nori + garlic mayo 6/12 ( I loved that you could order a half or full order for either $6 or $12).
*This sushi roll was amazing!!!! The mix between the asparagus, cilantro, calamari, and all the other goodies was amazing! This is a must-try!

Oxtail Rice– although this sounds and at the time didn’t look very appealing, it was one of my favorite things I got that night.  It was a mix of dark brown rice with oxtail meat throughout.  It is small enough for one person, plus it’s so good you won’t want to share.

Barbecue Bar – Classic kushiyaki-style grilled meat, fish and vegetables over a 600° open flame robata grill, served on a skewer. One skewer per order. Our table ordered the following: LOVED THEM ALL!

  • JUMBO SHRIMP | sweet black pepper, sesame 6
  • ALLIGATOR | garlic-soy + Kirin Light 4
  • BEEF FILET | ginger-soy 4

You can’t have good food without great drinks and that they had as well.  I ordered the SURPRISE + DELIGHT  (Effen Cucumber, Pimm’s No.1, Lemon, Simple Syrup, Muddled Lemongrass, Muddled Strawberry, Seltzer) want to find out how to make it? Click here. I loved the flavor of cucumbers, lemongrass, and strawberries throughout this drink.  This drink was so refreshing but the right amount of sweetness!

Overall myself and a group of friends LOVED Union Sushi and plan on going back very soon! What restaurants do you love or recommend? I’d love to hear!


One thought on “Union Sushi – Chicago.

  1. Amanda Ferrise

    Union Sushi was amazing! The food was incredible and I tried alligator for the first time. The atmosphere was cool and fun and I had a great time with my girl Justine!


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