Current Obsession: Villa Floriani – Olive Oil Body Spray

If you aren’t familiar with Villa Floriani, let’s start here: Floriani is a unique blend of skincare collections that use various organic extracts from the Italian countryside. The amazing remedies that Europeans have been given the opportunity to use are now available in America for the first time with the Floriani products.  

Paraben & Sulfate Free Products

The product collection is broken down based on skin types.  I just recently found a product that is great for all skin types, it was love at first sight and smell.  I was getting a pedicure at Mario Tricoci and everything about the experience was nothing short of spectacular.  The color on my toes was just right, the massage was perfect- she then started to spray this Villa Floriani Olive Oil Body Spray.  The smell was amazing and all that was needed was two sprays throughout my leg.  The essential oils in the spray leaves your legs feeling soft and smooth with a beautiful smell.

This product is not for someone who is on the go and throws on their clothes right after moisturizing- this product is meant to be rubbed in (at first it will seem very slick and shiny) after a few minutes the oils soak into the turning your dry/dull skin into soft and silky.

This Olive Oil Satin Body Spray is perfect for someone who loves to treat their skin just right, my favorite time to use this product is after exfoliating and taking a nice long bath or shower.  Then after you spray your Olive Oil spray you let it soak into the skin and off you go- with smooth and silky legs and body!

Tip: This spray can be used all over the body, although I wouldn’t use it on your face.  I have also found that it has increased the lasting effect of my pedicure by adding the essential oils to my toe nail beds and same applied to your finger nail beds.

Villa Floriani products can be purchased at any Red Door Spa- I love to buy the products at any local Mario Tricoci.

Retail Price: $29

11 thoughts on “Current Obsession: Villa Floriani – Olive Oil Body Spray

  1. Tawny

    I also experienced it through a massage at the Red Door Spa. When I discussed with the technician, she said you can add it to your favorite body/skin cream to make a lasting impression. So I use a few pumps of Jergens original Almond scent cream with 3-4 sprays of the Villa Floriani Olive Oil Satin Body Spray and it is heavenly. It smells great and doesn’t leave an oily residue. And feels like I just spent a lot of money on a professional massage.

      1. Barbara streifel

        The Red Doors I have checked also do not carry. It anymore. Do you have any Internet suggestions or Twin City locations in Minnesota to purchase it?.

  2. Izzy Weaver

    I have been using this olive oil spray for a couple of years. Especially love the magnolia scent. And their ultra hydrating Magnolia Body Cream is fabulous. But Red Door stopped carrying the Villa Floriani products a couple of weeks ago. Very dissapointed when I went to replenish my supply. I am having trouble finding it locally (DC area) or on-line). If anyone can help I’dvappreciate it.

  3. lilia1

    As of May 2013, Mario Tricoci unfortunately does not sell it anymore. I could not find it on-line either (even sent an e-mail to the manufacturer Villa Floriani). If someone is able to buy it some where, please post location. Thank you.

  4. Justine

    Of course they are discontinuing it. I wanted to go back to Red Door and get a bottle but I have a feeling I won’t be. Why does everything I love SO much get discontinued? My fav lipstick from Dior, my perfect foundation from Max Factor, my La Source bath tablets from Crabtree and Evelyn and now this, Sucks. Anyone wanna buy a bottle for me where they can still get it and sell it to me?


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