Furry Neck Wrap

Move over infinity scarf, the furry neck wrap has entered into the warm but fabulously chic category of fashion.  I was given a neck wrap as a gift and was instantly in love with the warmth and comfort this brought to my look.  The company who made the wrap was Brapples.

Let’s be honest, this warm spell we are having here in Chicago… will not last.  Today’s high: 54 degrees and Thursday’s low: 19 degrees.  With a tricky weather system like the one we have in Chicago, you need to be prepared.  This neck wrap is perfect under a warm fitted jacket, or on top of a plain black/white/colored long sleeve top.  The secret? The two sides of the wrap are magnetic so you can add any broach or metallic embellishment without even pinning it on.  You can also use the wrap in your hair as a hair wrap to keep warm.  One thing I’ve learned with this neck wrap is….there are no rules to how you wear- be your own fashionista.

The worst feeling, although I have my fair share of scarves, they are usually too big and bulky to fit into my purse when I want to take it off.  I normally end up shoving it up my sleeve or leaving it wherever I am.  The Brapples Furry Neck Wrap is small enough to fit into your purse-no problem.

Another nice thing about the Brapples Furry Neck Wrap is that you can get two wraps in one.  Most of the wraps are reversible and are perfect if you don’t want to continue to wear the same brown fur.

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Additional colors include: Red, Purple, Brown, Copper, Tan, Burgundy, Faux Seal (Thick), Houndstooth, Fushia Pink, Black Leopard, Snow Leopard, Cream and Coral.

These luxe furry neck wraps are hand-crafted in the U.S. and can be purchased at Brapples Online or at select boutiques in the U.S. and Canada.

For questions: contact donna@brapples.com for customized neck wrap orders or any questions.

“Like” Brapples on Facebook to be the first to know of new products.


3 thoughts on “Furry Neck Wrap

  1. On My Square

    I was kind of hoping this was the Green House Effect taking hold and my great grand kids would have to deal with 90 degree January days… thanks for reminding me it will get cold again.


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