5 Mini Makeovers With Major Impact.

We’ve all been there; wanting to make drastic changes or making huge promises to get skinnier or to work out everyday of the week.  The problem with these goals and drastic changes is that we are making them unreachable.  “You  you don’t have to chop off your locks or overhaul your makeup routine to bust out of your rut.”-Beautylish.

Sometimes it really is the little things that matter in life or at least in the beauty world.  I stumbled upon 5 mini makeovers with major impact via Beautylish.  Here’s some mini makeovers I think will help each one of you become instantly refreshed – the 2012 version that is.  So what are you waiting for? Enter a beautiful and “new” you.

1)  Play with your part (5 minutes)

Have you been sporting the same center part since your 8th grade graduation pictures? Go deep! Create a far side part for a few weeks and see what a difference it makes. The deep part will give the illusion of longer bangs and add more volume in the front. However, if you always part on the side, switch to a down-the-middle version for a sleeker look that plays up your cheekbones.

2)  Change up your scent (3 seconds)

Hopefully you aren’t still rocking your same high school scent, I still will never be able to smell Love Spell the same again.  Take an hour out of your day to hit up your local Sephora, Ulta, or any department store cosmetics department.  The nice thing now-a-days is that most beauty retailers are trained on their scents and can find you one based on your profession, lifestyle, and personality. A new perfume is the easiest way to get yourself into a fresh state of mind. 

3) Master the DIY manicure (25 minutes)

If you haven’t heard or seen lately: manicured nails are everything.  Long gone are the days of chipped/un-polished nails.  Whether you are sporting a nude look or the latest Nicki Minaj OPI Collection changing up your nails could be your cheapest accessory yet.  Lately there are so many options for manicures, I have even read that press on fake nails are coming back.  If you don’t have the time or the steady hand to paint your own here are some tips:

  • Nail stickers- try Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips (Get instant salon effects. No dry time)
  • DIY (it’s never too late to learn how to give yourself a pretty polished manicure)- pinterest, beautylish, youtube (These are all places where you can start to learn)
  • Press on– according to Cosmo, press on nails (yes, press on) are making a come back.
  • Beauty School- just like my grandma goes to the beauty school to get her hair set every week, we too can go to a chic beauty school and get our nails done for dirt cheap (yes, I’ve done it before).  Besides, it’s a win-win, you have a great (& cheap) manicure and they have passed one of their 369837693 models they have to do to graduate school.

4) Get a cellophane treatment (60 minutes)

Want a new color but tired of bleaching your hair to find a week later you want your beautiful brown locks back.  Most salons offer cellophane treatments for half the price that instantly give you shine. The use of the treatments are primarily used to add shine but they do offer colored cellophanes for a tint of color.  Although, not as bright and pigmented these cellophane treatments will not color your black(est) of black hair to blonde but it will take a brown toned hair color to an evened out tinted red (I’ve done it).  The cellophane was amazing and the shine it gave my hair was blinding. Note: does not last as long as permanent color.

5) Fake & Bake Self-tanners unite (10 minutes)

I know the feeling, sunkissed cheeks and tan skin…..but why ruin your skin by sitting underneath a frying pan twice a week when you can use a self tanner that can last longer than a week?  To me, tanning in a tanning bed is like smoking- over & done with- smoking was so 1992 and tanning was so 2003.  Come on ladies it’s time to invest in a $30 self tanning lotion than $20-40 a month for unlimited ruining of your skin.

I’m not saying to ditch the sun all together, anyone who knows me, knows that I love the sun & being tan, but why ruin your skin & double your chances of skin diseases all year round?

So ditch the tanning bed and try one of these fabulous self tanners:

Or hit the nearest tanning salon or beauty salon and see where places offer airbrushed tans.  This way you will get an even, nice glow that doesn’t streak and in some places all you have to do is stand there and listen to directions- the esthetician does the work for you.


Will you try any of these mini-makeovers?

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