Bobbi Brown Rose Gold Collection 2012

Bobbi Brown herself has jumped on the rose gold bandwagon along with Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, and other various designers.  Although this chic rose gold color doesn’t flatter the skin tones of everyone as far as the accessories go- this color will complement the coloring of almost everyone that walks up to the Bobbi Brown counter. These beautiful shades of blushed gold are gorgeous for the upcoming Spring and Summer.  The collection is now available at Nordstrom and should be hitting other beauty retailers soon, if not already.

If you haven’t tried one of Bobbi’s famous shimmer bricks ($39 available at Nordstrom), it’s about time you start.  These two new shimmer bricks are the perfect blushed tones to give a little or a lot of warmth to the face.  You can also use each individual color on your lids as the perfect rose gold shadow.  This can be applied to the cheeks as a blush or as a highlighter as well.

*Rose Gold & Wild Rose*

Now for my favorite part: some people just don’t like lipstick.  Maybe as a child they tried on one too many of their grandmother’s metallic lip colors (I know I did). BUT these lipsticks and glosses are fabulous and with the right color, this can make your makeup application complete.

I’ll start with the lip glosses ($23).  Bobbi Brown sells several different types of glosses and here’s what you should know.

  • High Shimmer Lip Glossthese glosses are full of glitter, not too much pigment, but primarily glitter. Gorgeous when you want to add a little sparkle or sass to any makeup application. Favorite: Bellini 
  • Lip Glossthese are your regular glosses, each varying on how much color with a variety of fabulous colors.  Favorite: Buff
  • Shimmer Lip Gloss– these glosses have a slight shimmer and are the perfect in between for just a simple everyday gloss with a hint of shimmer to take it from day to night. Favorite: Rose Gold
  • Sheer Color Lip Glossthese have little to almost no pigment but simply add shine.  Perfect to put over your favorite bright or dark lipstick to add a little extra shine. Favorite: Cosmic Pink (NEW!)
  • Brightening Lip Gloss: these sheer, reflective formulas wake up your face and help create the illusion of fuller lips. Favorite: White
  • Rich Color Lip Gloss: for the lipstick lover.  This is like a liquid lip gloss.  The pigment is great and the coverage is perfect for when you want to add a little extra color to your gloss. Favorite: Pink Cocoa (NEW!)
This new collection features four new Rich Color Lip Glosses so bring on the pigment, Bobbi.  These colors are perfect and are the perfect neutral for anyone.
*Pink Sorbet, Angel Pink, Pink Cocoa, Pink Gold
The Rose Gold Collection will carry 5 new Rich Color SPF 12 lipsticks ($23) 
*Wild Rose, Miami Coral, Pink Peony, Nude Rose, & Beige Gold*
Remember: You can add two existing products to this new collection-
Shimmer Lip Gloss: Rose Gold & Rose Gold Shimmer Eye Shadow
What’s your favorite from the Rose Gold Collection?

3 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown Rose Gold Collection 2012

  1. Amanda Ferrise

    I am loving the Rose Gold collection!! Ever since I got my rose gold watch, I am loving the color even more!!


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