Manicure Monday’s: Guest Nail Artist

I asked a good friend of mine, Clare, who is equally obsessed with nail polish to send me her latest manicure.  She is the genius that got me hooked on this beauty editor treatment called: Julep Maven.  For $20 a month you are able to get the latest editor treatment and style.  Every month you receive the latest in mani and pedi products delivered right to your door.  You receive over $40 in products for just $19.99 a month.  This doesn’t just include nail polish, but products to give you the perfect at home pedicure or hand treatment for the softest hands.

“We launched our new Julep Maven program to give all of our girlfriends access to the beauty editor Sneak Peek Box we create every month.  As a Julep Maven, you will have access to the hottest trends in nail color and the latest Mani Care and Pedi Care products – delivered right to your doorstep, just like the beauty editors do.  And you’ll have access to these trends and products before anyone else.” – CEO of Julep.

Every Julep color is unique- so what are you waiting for?  Take the style quiz to help them understand your style to tailor your Julep needs.  You are able to skip month’s if your chic treatment is going to break the bank for the month.

Here’s a little secret: you can get your first month of goodies for just $5….yes $5 and free shipping.  The coupon code is WELCOMEMV5 – Click this referral link to gain all the benefits of beauty editors everywhere:

Here’s your Manicure Monday by Clare, this week’s featured nail artist. I must admit, I keep staring at how pretty these 3 colors are together & how bad I wish I was somewhere warm rocking this manicure!

(From Left to Right: Helena, Anne, Gloria)

What do you think of this awesome nail art design? 

Do you want to be a guest Manicure Monday?
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(nail art not required)

4 thoughts on “Manicure Monday’s: Guest Nail Artist

  1. Amanda Ferrise

    I am in desperate need of a manicure and I am in love with these colors!!! I love the color Helena and I would love to do some nail art, maybe go outside the box when it comes to my nails!

  2. Sunny

    Oh wow, this is seriously pretty! I haven’t been wearing nail polish very often myself because my nails are so dry, brittle, and peeling in winter 😦 On top of that I cook and clean, so applying nail polish is a total waste of time. But this is sooooo nice aaahhh

    1. Clare

      Sunny, Julep’s “Nail Therapy” has worked WONDERS on my nails! It is a clear coat that you can apply whenever and also works as a basecoat. It has kept my nails very strong and healthy. If you become a Maven, all Julep products are %20 off 🙂


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