Discontinued….Now what?

Thank you to Bobbi Brown’s Facebook team for informing fans all over the world about Bobbi’s: Bobbi Brings Back- Lip Color.

Bobbi is giving you the chance to bring back a discontinued lip color! The shade with the most votes – per country – will be reintroduced in October 2012 and become available to buy exclusively to you – her Facebook fans.

Here’s how it works: click here

Step 1:Tap a color to vote for it
Step 2:Share your vote with your friends
Step 3:Vote for as many colors as you want

Color options:
Golden Brown
Tulle Brown

My personal favorites are going to be – Scarlet & Blush. What are you going to pick?


11 thoughts on “Discontinued….Now what?

  1. tovah11

    I’m sorry…just not a bobbi brown fan.

    I’ve got to vote for none. I see why they were discontinued. Even Mac (which I’m not that crazy about is better.

      1. tovah11

        I am such a Tarte fan. I cannot believe how good their product really is.

        A couple of myother top favorite brands are:

        Too Faced
        skin care by Vichy

        While I really love Chanel colors, except for their eyeshadows and mascara, nothing of theirs quite looks right on me.

        What are your top 5?

      1. tovah11

        Unfortunately, I’m probably as new to this as you.

        I’ve only done one link exchange so far and that was with Manolo for the Big Girl.

        I believe I just add you to my blogroll (which is basically a list of my favorite blogs) where anyone can click on the link and be directly sent to your link.

  2. tovah11


    I hope this all meets with your aproval..

    I added you to my blogroll and wrote up a little blurb about your site here.


    Please let me know if you want anything taken out or put in.

    I just added it to one of my sites as I didn’t know if you wanted to go on my other site also. As I say in my blog, I’m being really selective in whom I put on my blogroll. I want it to have sites on it that I enjoy visiting.

    1. shortisthenewblack Post author

      Wow, that is so amazing! Thank you so much. As soon as I figure out the blogroll I will definitely have to add you. I love looking at your blog. How are you liking my new vlogs? Too long? Let me know what you think!

      1. tovah11

        Your vlogs are awesome. I can’t believe that you’ve only done two.

        They are definitely not too long and I love the fact the you write a little bit on each product.

        My only suggestion (which is hard for me to do since I’ve never put myself out there) is that when you are showing the products you bought (in vlog 1), if you’re not going to put it on your face, do a little swatch on your arm, for example the bronzer. Also, when you were showing the kate Sommervile(?) just dab a little bit on your hand so we can see the consistency.

        I noticed that on the second one you did all those things, so, basically, I wouldn’t change a thing! They’re great! keep doing them. I’m really learning alot.

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