Manicure Monday’s: Butter London “Tea with the Queen”

This neutral gives nude a new look.  Butter’s “Tea with the Queen” is a tannish-pink of perfection and looked like a perfectly polished manicure.  Butter claims, “Tea with the Queen is very neutral, but never boring.”  What I loved most about this color- was the pigment that pulled through on the first coat.  I really only needed one, but would not have been comfortable flaunting my “Manicure Monday” with just one coat.  It was almost too good to be true, but then again that’s what Butter’s Nail Foundation will do.  Unlike most nudes, this one really at most- would only need two coats comfortably.  There’s nothing worst than a nude that needs 4 coats to show a little color if any.  Thank you Nonie Creme & Butter London, you never disappoint  a “Manicure Monday.”


Do you have a manicure you want to show off? Or a brand you would like to see on next week’s Manicure Monday’s? Please email me here


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