Tuesday Fun: All Pink Everything

Picture this: You’re at the nail salon, stuck between a “no-chip” manicure and a basic manicure; all I knew was that I wanted a hot pink color if some sort. To make a long story short, the friendly nail technician talked me into the “no chip” and suggested I try out Hot Pop Pink a Shellac (CND) color for my nails.

Fast forward: 45 minutes

I was is in love and my pink obsession had begun right there. I know I’m a little late with post Valentine’s Day on the whole pink-obsession, but if you knew me at all, I am an all black everything kind of girl. While I was at work that night, I was inspired to pick some of my favorite beauty items that were as pretty in pink as my new “no chip” manicure.

Non-beauty related, but while all of this pink-inspiration was happening, Nordstrom literally just got in this pink Frenchi blazer.  I’m thinking of adding this to my collection of black blazers, what do you guys think? Yes or no?


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