(2) What’s in HER bag?

I hope you all enjoyed my first “What’s in HER bag?” with my favorite go-to fashionista Danielle. For my second “What’s in HER bag?” meet Amanda, an Indiana University Apparel Merchandising major and the ultimate trendsetter.

Amanda was given the opportunity to be the first Nordstrom Oak Brook Beauty Intern in the Cosmetics department at store 221. She is hear to share her love for Butter London, Blistex lip products & much, much more.

Interview Questions:

SITNB: So what’s inside a Big 10 college girl’s makeup bag?
Amanda:  Oh my gosh, after this past summer, so many things are in my make-up bag.

  • Basics/prep:  gotta start with oil removing & make-up removing sheets, hope it a bottle (Philosophy) face lotion, an eye cream, Mario Bedescu toner, and a pimple zapper.
  • Face:  Next, Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, my Smashbox angled brush for my bronzer (perfect for the ‘3’ on my face), Bobbi Brown concealer, Smashbox under-eye highlighter, a Bobbi shimmer brick or NARS gold dust for some shimmer, a few shades of blush for different occasions, and a good setting powder.
  • EyesBobbi’s gel eye-liner in black ink and accompanying brush applicator, I use a ton of different mascaras, anything from Covergirl lash-blast to Clinique to Bobbi’s extreme party (I need to try Diorshow blackout next), and I always have a Covergirl basic chocolate brown eye-shadow to fill in my brows and for an occasional deeper, sultry, grunge eye-look.
  • Lips:  I LOVE BLISTEX PRODUCTS! They never fail me and make me lips ready for the loads of sticks and glosses I put on them J I love just a clear gloss for a wet look, often called a lip glass.  I have a few Victoria’s Secret lip glosses I use and like too.  I love lip color, I’m not afraid of it at all.  I love a bright or deep red, a purple, pink, and nude! Ah!  I have a few Maybelline lipsticks that I love; my favorite is called ‘mauveolous.’  I’m also obsessed with Bare Escentuals ‘Pretty Amazing’ lip colors.  My favorite is a nude called ‘free will,’ I also have 2 pinks, ‘moxie’ and ‘ambition!’

SITNB: What’s your favorite beauty product of all time?
Amanda:  I’d have to say that my favorite beauty product of all time, at least for right now, is my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer!

: If you had to pick three key beauty items, what would they be?
Amanda: 3 key products:

  • tinted moisturizer
  • my pretty amazing ‘free will’
  • I never leave the house w/o a splash of my Burberry London parfum!

Who is your beauty inspiration?
Amanda:  I love what Pat McGrath does (celebrity & fashion make-up artist extraordinaire).

SITNB: What was your biggest beauty no-no?
Amanda: I used to be so awful, I sill am sometimes, but I’m really working to get better, at sleeping in my make-up. Ah, I know, it’s so bad! It can be such a bad habit to break, so don’t do it, break it now!!

Guys really want to know: how much do you really spend on makeup?
Amanda: I really don’t spend too too much.  It’s hard to buy what I like or need when I’m at school since there really isn’t much of a place to go and get it.  When I do buy though, I tend to buy in spurts, typically when I visit Nordstrom’s cosmetic department.

: When did you first start wearing makeup?
Amanda:  I’ll never forget when I wanted to start wearing make-up in the 6th grade, because I noticed some other girls were.  My mom bought me a little wet ‘n wild silver eye pencil, not black (HA).  I used to line my eyes with silver and thought I was so cool!

: What has been your biggest beauty splurge?
Amanda:  Honestly, it’s been a while since I splurged, but over the summer I accumulated a ton of Butter London nail lacquers and all of those amounted to probably too much to spend on nail polish, but it’s so worth it!  I LOVE BUTTER ❤

: Do you have a product that has changed your life?
Amanda:  I’m recently loving the affects of Philosophy’s Hope in a Bottle face lotion.  It moisturizes so great w/o leaving my face oily or greasy in the least.


*Do you know someone that you would like to nominate for their OBPD (obsessive beauty product disorder)? – Please email me at shrtisthenewblack@gmail.com*


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