Do you ever find really cute outfits on Pinterest, only to find that they are either sold out or nowhere to be found? Well I found this top that I fell in love with on Pintrest and searched above and beyond for it. Of course, it was nowhere to be found.

I was doing my morning pin session, when I found myself on a clothing website searching for a dress that was…of course, MIA. There I was, mad again that I couldn’t find the dress of my dreams, I decided to search the site for other things like it, when I found that top I had been searching for.

I know this is something that only a shop-a-holic would get excited about, so let me have my moment. But I found the top and it was under $100.

This was the picture on Pinterest with no name of where to find it.


What #PinterestProblems do you have?


7 thoughts on “#PinterestProblems

  1. georgiaallis

    I totally feel your pain!! I have that problem all the time. I am never able to find the original site. I’m glad you found your top!


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