Step 2: Corrector and Concealer

Bobbi calls her Correctors & Concealers the “Secret of the Universe” because they instantly lift and brighten the face. She believes that all women, even those who don’t consider under eye circles a problem- look fresher and better with a bit of concealer.

What I have found to make Bobbi’s Corrector and Concealer so unique is that they are skin tone correct (which means they look natural on all skin tones, from fair to dark). They are also creamier, so they go on smoother to give a lineless look.


For those of you who don’t know, a Corrector is for someone who really feels as if their darkness underneath the eye is a concern. Correctors are pink or peach toned to really cut and neutralize the discoloration.

In much the same way that primer or whitewash is applied to a wall before paint, Corrector should be applied to the under eye area before Concealer.

The right shade of Corrector should “cut” the color blue purple, green and brown underneath the eye.


Concealer is yellow-based to lighten and even out the skin tone under the eye. Concealer is always one to two shades lighter depending on how bright you want to look.

How to apply Corrector & Concealer (or any other concealer)

1. Prep the under eye area with a hydrating eye cream

2. Determine if you need a corrective color (peach or pink toned)

3. Apply Corrector with a concealor brush at the inner corner of the eye and along the lower lashline where there is darkness. USE SMOOTH EVEN STROKES.

4.Gently press and blend corrector into the skin with fingers.

5. Wipe off brush and apply a generous amount of Concealer directly over the corrector.

6. Gently pat into the eye, never blend with fingers- you will take it right off.

7. Set with a press powder that is sheer and yellow based like Bobbi Brown’s Pale Yellow.


“My concealor is creasing” – You have too much eye cream or not enough powder
“My concealor looks cakey” – Too much eye cream is causing the powder to “cake”
“My concealor looks too light” – If concealor is lighter than right under the eye brow’s skin color it’s too light


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