Welcome to Miami.

I am off for a few days at work and the next thing you know, we have an entire new collection that I have been waiting for-ev-er for! The Bobbi Brown Miami Collection is here and I am all about the pink, coral, and bronze for the upcoming summer of 2012.

The Miami Collection includes:

  • Two new shimmer cheek glows – In a beautiful gold (Gold) and soft pink (Miami: not pictured). This is a powder/gel hybrid that is meant to be used like an illuminator at the highest points of your face. Apply generously to get the full after sun glow.
  • Relaunch of Beach eau de parfum This has been long awaited for and a counter must-have for a long time. Bobbi relaunched with new packaging (soon all fragrances will match this packaging). Perfect timing for a relaunch Bobbi, summer is just around the corner!
  • Shimmering Fragrance Oil – Scented in the wonderful ‘Beach’ fragrance. Although the shimmer looks like a lot in the bottle, the oil goes on the skin with a very sheer shimmer finish. Jojoba oils leave your skin feeling smooth, never sticky. *Shake before you use* Also apply before clothing, although a few minutes to fully dry into skin.

  • Four new cream shadows – Clockwise: Candlelight (the perfect highlighter on the brow bone), Nude Beach (the perfect nude cream shadow), Copper & Bronze Sugar. 

  • Four new lip treatment shines SPF 15 – 
From left to right: Peach Sorbet, Pink Seashell, Sunset Beach, Orchid Pink.
Okay, I’ll now take everything from the collection and a trip to Miami to celebrate.

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