A Women’s Guide: Father’s Day Gifts

Struggling for the perfect father’s day present, I found myself thinking of every idea, that wasn’t right for my dad. There are dads who love sports, food, books, or in my case, a dad who loves just about everything. I’ve laid out a few great presents for the special dad in your life.

For the dad who loves sports: Nascar Racing Experience offers a variety of different packages. From dad being able to ride along with a professional Nascar instructor to being able to have a  1 1/2 day driving experience! Not sure which package is right? Gift cards are available. Click here for a schedule of locations, times, and prices. Save $20 for every $200 spent by using the code “DAD” at checkout. Ends June 18.



For the dad who loves comedy: If he’s seen Wedding Crashers, Dodgeball, and Old School one too many times, why not treat your dad to Vince Vaughn’s Comedy Showcase  brought to you by TBS Just For Laughs? The comedy show is now on tour and will be in his sweet hometown, Chicago on the special day to celebrate dad. Tickets can be purchased here.



For the dad who loves a nice cold one: Your dad will now be able to mix drinks like a pro. With this American Bar Book, your dad can learn the history and backgrounds of various liquors. Bergdorf Goodman also allows you to a three letter personalization as well.



For the dad who loves technology: What’s better than having his two most important pieces of technology in one place? The Sharper Image now offers an iPad, iPhone, and Android Docking Station. This dock runs apps, plays music, and allows you to watch videos while you are recharging your devices. It lets you switch your playing back and forth between docked devices by simply pressing the “switch” button. Maybe I’ll treat myself to a docking station as well. 

What are you getting the most important guy in your life?

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