butter LONDON- Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection

The excitement that fills me when receiving news of a new butter LONDON launch is probably not normal. Guilty. At this point though, I have to share some of that excitement with my readers. Thanks to butter LONDON’s fabulous PR team, I got one of the first looks at the Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection of nail lacquers and Lippy’s!

Sequins! Velvet! Satin! Tweed!  This season, the catwalks were abundant with rich texture!  The brand translated this to nails through the infusion of glitter particles and metallic and holographic finishes. The colour tones speak to “earthiness” but are not specifically earth tones – think rust, shimmering greens and silvers. This collection feels future-forward but not futuristic. This season is all about using texture to add interest and depth to your look.” -butter LONDON

Enough of my blabbing – here’s what you have been waiting for! From top to bottom (Trustafarian, Shag, Gobsmacked, Dodgy Barnett, Lovely Jubbly) You can purchase them here or here!


Lippy Autumn/Winter Collection

(Left to right: Toff, Come to Bed Red, Tea with the Queen, La Moss, & Queen Vic)

butter LONDON: fun FACTS

That means what……?

Lovely Juggly:  British way of saying “excellent.” Used when someone hears pleasing news or has a pinch of good luck.

Trustafarian: Spoiled rich kid who pretends to be a hippy but still goes home to daddy’s mansion on the weekends.

Gobsmacked: To be totally speechless. Unable to think of anything to say.

Shag: British slang for “knocking boots.”

Dodgy Barnett: A bad hairdo.

Toff: A slightly derogatory name for a member of the British upper class.

Come to Bed Red: ENOUGH SAID! A butter LONDON best-seller for “Coco” wannabes.

La Moss: Add the prefix “La” to anyone’s name implies that they are a diva. A fashionista’s nickname for England’s most famous model.

Queen Vic: Beloved monarch, responsible for many of London’s most beautiful landmarks. It is also the name of about 3,000 English pubs.



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