100th Blog Post Celebration – Bobbi Brown Giveaway!!!! ((CLOSED))

So if you don’t know by now, I loooooove Bobbi Brown. Not only do I love her makeup, I love her philosophy and outlook on life. She inspires me to not only be a better makeup artist, but a business woman, and person. “I believe that beauty comes in all ages, colors, shapes and sizes,” says Bobbi. “It’s not about looking like someone else or trying to be someone you’re not. It’s about figuring out what works for you.”

In celebration of my 100th blog post, I have three VERY important announcements below.

1) With the launch of Bobbi Brown’s continuous, “Pretty Powerful” Campaign, she will be releasing her seventh book dedicated to the “Pretty Powerful” women she has met along her journey. The best part, aside from a new book, is that Bobbi Brown will be making a personal appearance at the Nordstrom Michigan Avenue on Tuesday, October 2. She will be launching her new book and will be on location to meet her Pretty Powerful fans!

2) Bobbi’s personal appearance will be a makeup event at the Bobbi Brown counter at Nordstrom Michigan Avenue (so plan to be there)! It is every makeup artist’s dream to work with Bobbi Brown and I was chosen to be one of the makeup artists for the big day! This is a very big personal accomplishment and I am so flattered and excited to be a part of this celebration!

3) Now for the best part of this blog post- in CELEBRATION of my 100th blog post and my big Bobbi accomplishment, I am giving away, two of some of my favorite Bobbi Brown products.

1) Bobbi Brown – Makeup Manual: Bobbi’s inspiration: ‘I wanted this book to serve as a complete reference guide for everyone who wants to know about beauty and makeup. It’s filled with complete step-by-step lessons, industry tips and beautiful pictures.’ This is the book that all women have been waiting for—Bobbi’s 25-plus years of makeup-artist experience distilled into one complete volume. With over 200 full-color photos and step-by-step instructions including a Ten Step Guide to Perfect Makeup that teaches you how to apply your makeup in ten minutes or less, this book shows you how to put on makeup like a pro.

2) Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base (FULL SIZE!!!!): This oil-free moisturizer creates the perfect base for flawless makeup application. Helps minimize the look of fine lines. Shea butter hydrates, softens and cushions skin. Grapefruit and geranium fragrances lightly scent skin. With daily use, skin looks and feels its best.

To Enter:

1) Follow @IsTheNew_Black on Twitter

2) Like ShortIsTheNewBlack on Facebook

3) Tweet “I’m loving the 100th blog post giveaway by @IsTheNew_Black http://wp.me/p1XLFC-hZ”

4) Leave a comment with your email and one tip you hope to learn from Bobbi’s Makeup Manual

Giveaway ends Tuesday, August 20 at midnight!



95 thoughts on “100th Blog Post Celebration – Bobbi Brown Giveaway!!!! ((CLOSED))

  1. Clare K

    Jus! Congrats on the big 100! You are so cute 🙂 I love reading your blog and am excited for what’s to come! I would like the book to just learn proper technique…I am a big beliver in just going with the flow with make up, but I’d like to learn from a professional like Bobbi ❤ Clare

    ps. I tweeted too 🙂

  2. Jessica Jennings

    I hope to learn how to properly put on foundation because I have never been able to make it look like I have flawless skin.

  3. i♥makeupart

    Bobbi is an awesome artist and her makeup is incredible. I’d love to learn about her inspiration which in turn, I hope to inspire me.

    I’m following on Twitter (@MakeUpArtByAnna)
    and on facebook! (Anna L)

  4. Erin Phillips

    GIRL – Congratulations, that is SO amazing!! One tip I would hope to learn from Bobbi’s Makeup Manual is various techniques for different skin tones – I am fair skinned so it is always fascinating to find out tricks to really accentuate and highlight my natural skin color 🙂


  5. Murisa

    Hi Justine! I would love to learn how to create looks that I am too intimated to try out on my own..I hope Bobbi can help with this. PS: I LOVE their gel liners!! xoxo (not sure if my email shows here, but it’s murisa14@gmail.com)

  6. Frances

    I am a huge makeup junkie but I’d love to break out of my usual routine and try some new shades for my skin tone! Also how to really camouflage imperfections well.

  7. Kim @ Real Life New Wife

    Congratulations on the huge accomplishment! That is a very big deal and you should be very proud! I’d love to learn more about the best colors for my skin tone and such. I love makeup but I’m sure I could use some help to perfect my look. 🙂

  8. Valerie C.

    I need to shorten the time spent applying my makeup, I’m sure she has great tips for that. I tweeted @dragonfly777 and like you on FB too 🙂

  9. lilybiscuit7

    I need to shorten the time spent applying my makeup, I’m sure she has great tips for that. I tweeted @dragonfly777 and like you on FB too (Valerie C.) 🙂

  10. Amanda Crothers

    My weakness is eyeshadow, I just get all confused most of the time! I’d love some pointers on how to dress up my eyes with shadows.

  11. Crystal Hankins

    I would love to learn how to perfect a day look that’s painless enough to do with two babies needing me every second lol 😉 & also a smokey sultry look for when my hubby and I are blessed with a date night :). Thank you SO much! This giveaway is awesome!

  12. Claudia Esparza

    I want to learn the perfect face routine. I hate applying products that will later on either rub off or make me oily or simply just don’t match my skintone. I wouldn’t doubt that Mrs. Brown included a few tips for the ladies in regard to facial routines (:

    Congrats on your huge accomplishment of working next to Bobbi Brown herself ((:

  13. Chelsea

    I did all three and here’s my comment!
    I hope I can learn some easy eyeshadow tips as I only really have one go-to smokey eye that I do.
    FB (Chelsea Olivia) Twitter (@chelseaoliviaxo) email (chelsea@yourstrulyblog.com)

  14. Pingback: Bobbi Brown Giveaway!!!!

  15. Ella P.

    Done all steps! 😀
    FB: Ella C. Parker
    Twitter: @cheeta_kat & tweeted too!

    I hope to learn everything, like how to shape brows, choose the right shade/foundation for my skin, and so forth. I’d really love to win this manual book 😀

  16. Jaclyn Munoz

    Congrats on being chosen as an artist! That is such a great accomplishment (:
    I’d like to learn tips and tricks about everything and anything! haha I’m fairly new to makeup and all I do is the basic eyeliner and mascara, I want to learn more! haha but thanks for the giveaway. (:

  17. Janice

    1) FOLLOWED @IsTheNew_Black on Twitter (ID: Janice_LFM)
    2) LIKED ShortIsTheNewBlack on Facebook (ID: Janice Lim)
    3) TWEETED “I’m loving the 100th blog post giveaway by @IsTheNew_Black http://wp.me/p1XLFC-hZ”
    4) EMAIL: janice_lfm@hotmail.com
    One tip I hope to learn from Bobbi’s Makeup Manual is how to put on the basic make-ups. This is because I’m still an amateur and I’ve always wanted to put on make-up but it just turns out disastrous.

  18. Jenny

    twitter follower! @jennnerin
    fb liked – jenn erin

    i would love how to contour properly! and also, how to do a very natural but bright look for everyday!

    congrats on 100 blog posts!

    thank you!

  19. Nushechka

    Liked on fb-annushka
    Following on twitter-annakulu1

  20. Dovile

    I hope to learn how to choose eyeshadows that suit my eyecolor, and how to apply red eyeshadows without my eyes looking as if I were crying.

  21. Sara Campbell

    Hi. I am sort of “new” to makeup. I am just now starting to wear makeup (at the age of 30). I want to learn if I am applying my makeup correctly or not. Hopefully this manual shows the correct way of applying makeup.

  22. aikchien

    I follow on Twitter – @3velyna and Facebook – Aik Chien. I’d love to learn how to put on nude makeup. My e-mail is aikychien at yahoo dot com

  23. Katie

    CONGRATS on your 100th post!! 😀 I did everything mentioned above and I would really like to learn how to get a flawless face with foundation! Thanks for the opportunity!
    (Luckyneko_kat at Yahoo dot com)

  24. Alexandra

    Hi 🙂
    I love this giveway!! It’s so important, specially for women to learn how to do make up. This book would help me a lot, i love to dress myself, but i’m not really good at make up. *fingers crossed* 🙂


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