Toned Thursday’s – – Tone It Up

I’m not sure if I ever told you guys about this amazing group I’m a part of. It is the Tone It Up community led by two amazing female trainers, Katrina & Karena. They offer workouts and inspiration for women all over the world. I just recently joined the Tone It Up community and bought their meal plan (150+ pages of recipes, workouts, inspiration). Also inside of the package comes their famous 7DSD (seven day slim down) plan that will promise to shed some inches and lbs if done correctly!

The best part that has came with my TIU journey is the lovely ladies I have met along the way. The inspiration and motivation we throw back and forth at each other is amazing (girl power)! Back in June we all got to go to the Self Workout in the Park and sweat it out for a fun day of fitness! So in thanks to my friends over at TIU, I wanted to share with you my workout for the day — compliments of my Tone It Up trainers! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did (wink)! If you end up trying it and liking it, check back for my occasional work out posts or their “Tone It Up Tuesday” routines!


4 thoughts on “Toned Thursday’s – – Tone It Up

  1. lisscope

    This group sounds wonderful ^_^
    I’m going to have a look at it! I used to go to zumba classes, was so much fun but I having being back this year : (
    Great post! Xoxo


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