Cult Beauty Products: Are You a Member and Didn’t Know it?

Cult Beauty Products
You know you’ve heard of these products before…. from your friends, family, or any self-proclaimed beauty worshipper. A few or all of these products may even be in your beauty bag. Let’s take a show of hands, of how many people either own or have heard of these cult beauty products.

Be sure to let me know in the comments below if you own any or all of these products?


14 thoughts on “Cult Beauty Products: Are You a Member and Didn’t Know it?

  1. IsItReallyTooMuchToAsk

    I have 3 of these products. Clarisonic mia, laura mercier tinted moisturizer and moroccan oil. I’ve tried a few of the other products but didn’t buy them. I have to admit I think all of these products are amazing at what they do, but I do think there alternatives for a lot of them. The clarisonic is by far my favorite product out of the bunch. I love nail polish, but lincoln park after dark is just so-so for me.

  2. FIXmakeup

    It’s all about Creme de la Mer and Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser. Both products are brilliant and I wouldn’t be without them for myself or in my kit. I’m really interested to trying the Clarisonic x

      1. shortisthenewblack Post author

        Surprisingly not, it isn’t abrasive to the skin at all. They describe it as a “micro-massage” actually. A gentle cleanse is beneficial for this with rosacea and acne as well.

      2. IsItReallyTooMuchToAsk

        I agree! My skin is actually pretty good already and I only get a blemish or two near my ‘lady week’, but I still saw a difference with a clarisonic. It made my skintone more even and my sensitive skin didn’t mind it! Side note: I don’t wear face makeup so I just use it once a week.

  3. Gabrielle Messina

    Love them all!!! I currently have the Lincoln park after dark on my toes now-def. Top must have fall colors.I have tried but do not own the la mer.

  4. Gabrielle Messina

    Oh & I could never live without my clarasonic. I recently got the new acne brush & wash and I’m super impressed. I get hormonal/stress break outs and it clears my skin up quick without drying it out.

  5. notquitecarrieb

    I’m a fan of the Mia! I’ve never tried the true Moroccan oil but I have used the Moroccan brand deep conditioner which I loooove. I’ve been using rosebud salve since I was way younger never realized it was a cult product!

    Wonderful post- it’s interesting to see what everyone invest in.

    1. shortisthenewblack Post author

      The Moroccan Oil is fabulous for someone who needs that extra treatment as far as heading shine or smoothness to the hair. I have very thick hair so it tames it down quite a bit! If you have thinner hair they have a Moroccan Oil light.

  6. Sarah J

    I have The Clarisonic (life changer), the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer (summer staple), NARS Orgasm blush and OPI Lincoln Park After Dark. All are awesome! I wish I could afford La Mer products but that is super pricey! Would love to know if it really is worth the $$$.

    1. shortisthenewblack Post author

      La Mer products I have heard nothing but good things, I personally can’t break the bank yet on those. But I plan on making an investment in good skin care at some point in my life. I think my Kate Somerville will do for now though haha


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