Nailed It: Nonie Creme



Words CANNOT describe how excited I was to interview the Creator of the Butter London Product Range and former Creative Director, Nonie Creme. Beyond that, I am even more excited to share with all of you the product of a determined woman who never gave up on her dream. Butter London nail polish can be found online here, as well as any Nordstrom, Ulta, Sephora, and Macy’s! Butter LONDON is a 3 Free Nail Lacquer, which means, their nail lacquer contains NO Formaldehyde, NO Toluene, NO DBP….EVER.

Below, Nonie shares her wisdom, determination, and her advice to never give up on your dreams.

SITNB: How did Butter London come to life in a nutshell?

Nonie: It was a classic start-up company really, just two like-minded women sitting around the kitchen table. Sasha Muir ran the business, while I focused on product and brand. We’re incredibly proud of how big our little idea has grown!

SITNB: Where/when did you find a love for nail polish?

Nonie: I was a session manicurist from a young age, specializing in high fashion shoots and runway shows. People were always surprised that I didn’t want to do makeup or hair, but I was always very nail obsessed. I remember being sent to the principal’s office in the fifth grade for my checkerboard nail art, painted to match my Vans!

SITNB: What is a day in the life of Nonie like?

Nonie: Most of the time it looks like the inside of an airplane! I travel extensively at the moment for my consulting business. My areas of expertise are branding, product development, marketing, and essentially helping companies understand how to achieve their brand vision through the correct identity and product mix. I would never be where I am without the crucial experience I gained at the creative helm of Butter London.

SITNB: Who is the most interesting person you have ever given a manicure to?

Nonie: Many years ago I was Kate Moss’ personal manicurist. I used to visit her at home once a week for martinis and manicures. She was a blast to work with and she introduced me to so many fashion folks I would never have had access to. She really gave my career a leg up in the early days. Love her!

SITNB: What nail trends are you loving right now?

Nonie: There is so much good nail art out there right now, anything goes!! I love that it’s now considered office appropriate to rock an ombré or black glitter nail. I’m also obsessed with chromed nails – so luxe.

SITNB: How did you get to where you are today? Any advice for dreamers out there?

Nonie: I am a person who doesn’t know when to quit! I never, EVER give up when I want something. In any business, there will be many failures before a success. Stay true to your belief in what you are doing. If you doubt yourself, others will doubt you as well. Be able to flex and bend with the needs of your goal – being married to one specific version of what you want can steer you away from your goal. Also, breathe, and try to leave 50% of your emotion at home, but only 50%!!

Here are some photographs of Nonie’s work she has shared….enjoy!





(Images via Nonie Creme)

Nonie, thank you again for being such an inspiration to me and creative women all over the world!



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