Nailed It: Astrowifey

I can’t describe the exact feeling I get when I meet someone who is truly passionate about what they do. After 5 minutes of meeting Ashley aka Astrowifey, I knew it would be one of the most personalized manicures I’ve ever received. After looking at her designs, I finally decided on the “look” I was going for and couldn’t wait for her to rock out my manicure. Below are some photos of the outcome – – which I already know would have won best nails on the “mani-cam” at the Golden Globes, look out Zooey.

If you are interested in checking out what Astrowifey has to offer, you can book an appointment online here! Make sure to check out our interview below to find out what nail trends she is loving right now!

Astrowifey look

Astrowifey Look 2

Astrowifey look 3

SITNB: How did Astrowifey come about?
Astrowifey: I have always been into painting and art ever since I was a little girl. I started experimenting with art on my nails using different paints and techniques, and I found it to be something I really enjoyed. My nails started to catch attention around the city, so I decided to create a blog as an outlet to share my work. Shortly after I got educated in nails, I found that I had a passion for nail care as well. I fused my interest in art and nail care into one career and it has been a fun journey ever since.

SITNB: What is your favorite nail design you have done?
Astrowifey: I love to replicate nail art inspired by different artists, especially street artists. I’m pretty proud of nails inspired  by street artist, ESPO. I’m also very supportive of female artists, I love to see a strong woman hold her own.

SITNB: What nail trends are your loving right now?
Astrowifey: Sheer iridescent shades have been out for a while, but this Spring they are coming back with vengeance. I love the look of a oval or almond nail with a sheer pearlized shade of peach or lavender. 2012 has been all about the contrast of matte, shine, and flat opaque colors – this year you will see a bit of a spin on these trends.

SITNB: How did you get to where you are today? Any advice for dreamers out there?
Astrowifey: I continue to push myself, my expectations, and my capabilities every day. One rule of thumb that was important to me when deciding to follow my dreams is not worry about the money. If you follow your passion, have good work ethic, and are good at what you do, the opportunities will come. And the money will come. Of course you need to make money to survive and pay the bills, but if you need to hustle and work a full time job and grow your business or dreams from the ground up on the side, make sure you do so. It is so easy to get complacent in a job your not passionate about, so make sure to stay focused and keep yourself in check. Keep your eyes on the price.

More of Astrowifey’s designs (click to enlarge)

To learn more about Astrowifey, check out her blog!




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