Career Spotlight: Jasmine Huffman of Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants

Ever wonder who the marketing maven is behind Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants? Marketing manager, Jasmine Huffman, is a foodie at heart and truly loves working for one of the biggest food and hospitality groups around!

If you’re not sure what Lettuce Entertain You is…..think of RPMNacional 27 and Wildfire, to name a few of the highly successful restaurants under the Lettuce Entertain You name!

Make sure you check out our interview below! 

Jasmine Huffman
Title: Marketing Manager of Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants.

Justine: What was your first marketing job?
Jasmine: Before taking the leap into the field of hospitality, my job(s) were in public affairs which included public policy/advocacy, environmental issues and community building.

Justine: What are your daily responsibilities as a marketing manager?
Jasmine: My daily responsibilities include managing social media, mobile marketing, advertising, and direct mail. I love that everyday brings new experiences and unique challenges. We have over 90 restaurants therefore I get to work with different concepts, partners, and managers every day. No day is ever dull!

Justine: What is your favorite part about your job?
Jasmine: It’s a great balance of “right” and “left” brain work. The creativity, emotional component of connecting with our customers is balanced with the objectivity and analysis required to evaluate and measure our programs.

Justine: As a marketing manager for such a thriving food enterprise, what does it take to be successful?
Jasmine: Perseverance! I think being diligent in every single thing you do will inevitably bring success. I wouldn’t have gotten this job had I not been persistent. Also having a positive attitude will take you far. At Lettuce Entertain You, we are firm proponents of emotional intelligence. The technical skills can also be taught, but attitudes cannot.

Justine: Any advice for aspiring marketers?
Jasmine: I think the key to long-term career satisfaction is aligning yourself with a product or service that you’re passionate about. I’m passionate about food and hospitality and therefore feel enthusiastic about even mundane tasks. Also, I think it’s important to find people with whom you enjoy sharing your time. My coworkers and I can talk about food endlessly. It’s a common thread we all share. I enjoy going to work each day because of the people around me.

Justine: What are your favorite social media platforms to use to reach your customers? Which have you found the most effective?
Jasmine: My favorite social media platforms include Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare and Facebook. We have found Facebook to be a very effective way to engage our customers. However, it’s been extremely challenging to get our content seen by all of our fans with Facebook’s algorithm (EdgeRank. Personally, I enjoy the simply user interface of Twitter.

Justine: In order to be successful in Marketing, you……
Jasmine: Need to be a continuous student! Marketing is constantly being transformed by the rapid evolution of technology. Dedicate yourself to learning about new media and technologies. Don’t try to fight the tide; embrace the high speed of development!

Jasmine can be reached at for anyone want to speak with her more about marketing career advice or Lettuce Entertain You.

You can also follow Lettuce Entertain You on Twitter, Facebook and their website!

Thank you again Jasmine for sharing your expertise and advice for aspiring marketers everywhere!



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