Live Colorfully – Kate Spade

After a recent visit to my favorite Kate Spade store on Oak Street, I realized how much I love the Kate Spade brand and everything they stand for. I mean who doesn’t love the bold print, playful sophistication,  and the constant reminder to be “quick and curious and playful and strong?” I have a girlfriend who literally eats, breathes, and sleeps the Kate Spade lifestyle and has always inspired me to #livecolorfully! 

In celebration of NYFW, Valentine’s Day and the constant celebration of your girlfriends – I have shared my favorite looks straight from the Kate Spade showroom! Below, I’ve also picked out some inspiring words all girls should live by.

Kate Spade NYFW

Kate Spade NYFW Kate Spade Kate Spade Kate Spade Live Colorfully





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Whether you are celebrating with your friends, family or loved one — Happy Valentine’s Day!



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