A Chicago Girl’s Night Out

Chicago Girls Night Out
Who doesn’t love a girl’s night out? What makes this Friday such a ‘special’ GNO is that my two girlfriends and I have been planning this RPM date night for about a month now.

I’ve decided that every girl should abide by this checklist when they are planning their next night out with their girlfriends! If you fail to refer back to this list…..please remember to at least rock a bold lip. It will not only make you feel confident, but those stares you’ll get….(you know what I’m talking about) are from the people who wish they could wear that red lip as good as you.

PS: If you are stuck on a lip color to wear, you HAVE to check out this helpful guide!

What is your typical girl’s night out style? 

15 thoughts on “A Chicago Girl’s Night Out

  1. Caitlin

    Love RPM and everything about this post. The ring is a must have and I love the idea of making a statement with a classy top knot and bold lip! And what’s more feminine that a peplum and pointy pump? LOVE.

  2. Laura Lane

    My sister and I are going with some friends tomorrow night too! If a stranger (that’s probably too wimpy to rock the bold lip) says hi, don’t be alarmed 🙂

    I bought one of those little foam roller thingies to finally do the top bun and my hair is too fine for even the mini size. So sad!

      1. Laura Lane

        Oh perfect, I’ll look around the bar when we’re done (I think that should be right around 9) and see if I can find you for sure 🙂 So glad you’re going too! I have NO IDEA WHAT TO WEAR!!! Very stressed about that.”Cocktail” always throws me and the competition part of it reeeeally throws me off!

      2. shortisthenewblack Post author

        I know! I read somewhere about floor length dresses- YIKES! I’m really just trying to figure what I will be comfortable in at this point. I feel like I’m going to prom again or something. HAHA!

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