For my 14th installment of “What’s in HER bag,” I was so excited to not only have a serious cosmetic junkie, but a very close friend of mine, share some of her favorite beauty products. Mel Wilson is one of the most passionate makeup artists I’ve met and is a true hustler when it comes to building her portfolio and making her clients look and feel beautiful. She is a blossoming Chicago makeup artist who specializes in commercial, video, and print work.

Mel has also worked with some of the top brands in the industry and teaches classes at the Media Make Up Academy (Chicago).


I hope you’re ready to take notes, because this is one serious makeup discussion.


Inside Melissa’s bag


SITNB: What’s your favorite beauty product of all time?
Mel: Believe it or not this question is easy. My favorite beauty product has to be Rosebud Salve. I have one in my purse, by my night stand and in my kit. I use it on a daily basis. It can be used under the eyes at night or on a dry patch but I use it on my lips. It hydrates my lips without drying them out over time. Plus it gives my lips a nice shine as if I am wearing lip gloss.

SITNB: If you had to pick three key beauty items what would they be?
Mel: Breaking down all my makeup into only three items is extremely difficult. If I absolutely had to I would have to choose my Ole Henriksen Truth Crème (daily moisturizer) which I never skip. I always say if you’re not going to moisturize then don’t bother putting on foundation. That being said, my second choice is my Make Up For Ever HD Foundation followed by my L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara. If I’m running out the door I know these three items will make me socially acceptable.

SITNB: Who is your beauty inspiration?
Mel: This question hits my heart. My beauty inspiration(s) are the two people that helped me grow into the artist I am today. They are both working makeup artists, one in New York and the other in Chicago. My first inspiration is Amanda Shackleton. She was the first person to teach me how to pick up a brush, apply makeup and most importantly…how to hustle my way up in order to make my dreams come true. My second (but equal) inspiration is Nika Vaughan. Nika is an amazing and humble artist. She will always take the time to answer my ridiculous questions at all hours of the day.

SITNB: What was your biggest beauty no-no?
Mel: My biggest beauty no-no was not matching foundation. We have all done it. Rule to live by, if you have a friend that does this just be a girlfriend and tell her.

SITNB: Guys want to know…..How much do you really spend on makeup?
Mel: I am fortunate enough to receive a lot of gratis as a working artist in this industry. So I don’t spend a lot but I do work for it.

SITNB: When did you first start wearing makeup?
I probably started wearing makeup when I was thirteen. I remember my father telling me I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup and remember my mother secretly giving me some to play with.

SITNB: What has been your biggest beauty splurge?
A beauty splurge is usually a beauty must! For me, it was my Clarisonic. I recommend it to all. My skin has changed so much and I always appreciate the compliments that come along with it.

SITNB: Do you have a beauty product that’s changed your life….or makeup routine?
Mel: Changed my life is a bit drastic. Let’s just say this product has impressed me with its skill. NYX “Milk” Jumbo Pencil. This product makes any eye shadow pop and look fierce.

I hope you all enjoyed this installment of “What’s in HER bag?” with Mel Wilson. To see more of Mel’s daily work, you can follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Are you interested in being featured on the next “What’s in HER bag?” Send me an email at shrtisthenewblack@gmail.com for more information.


7 thoughts on “(14) WHAT’S IN HER BAG?

  1. kflowermaquillage

    I am in love with this segment. I love to be nosy and see what people carry in their makeup bags! I’m a makeup artist aswell so I love seeing products that other makeup artists are using. I’d love to be featured on this segment 🙂

  2. Stylish + Scatterbrained

    Love this! It’s great to see what others are using (especially the pros) since choosing makeup and brands for an amateur like me can be a bit overwhelming!


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