Happy Saturday, everyone! Today on SITNB, I’m featuring one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Zahra Sandberg. Zahra is the blogger behind Love Zahra and she’s here today to give us a peak inside her makeup bag.

Black_White3Aside from blogging and styling segments with major fashion retailers like Woodfield Mall, Zahra can be found covering major fashion events and shows all throughout Chicago.

I hope you’re ready for a makeup bag filled with goodies. Below, Zahra even shares her favorite four lip combinations and the colors you need to achieve each look!


Inside her bag:

SITNB: What’s your favorite beauty product of all time?
Zahra: The MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter was a game changer for me. It transforms my face to look like I actually got a full eight hours sleep!

SITNB: If you had to pick three key beauty items what would they be?
Zahra: My Bobbi Brown Lip Balm , MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter, and my NYC brow powder.

SITNB: Who is your beauty inspiration?
Zahra: This might sound cliche but I’d say Angelina Jolie is my inspiration. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous on the outside, but she is a mother of six children which is incredible in itself, and at the same time she is a really great philanthropist. I think when people do good for others in the world, they just radiate a much greater beauty.

SITNB: What was your biggest beauty no-no?
Zahra: I’ve had so many – but I think one of the worst is when I did a black lipliner and Vaseline lip (cringe!). Black lips should really be reserved for Halloween. Can I add one more? I used to wear a lot of concealer and in pictures I looked like I had these white half moons under my eyes- not cute!

SITNB: Guys want to know: How much do you really spend on makeup?
Zahra: Oh man, I really have NO idea! Can I take a pass on this question?

SITNB: When did you first start wearing makeup?
Zahra: When I was little my mom would let me wear a little bit of Kohl on my eyes, and lipstick or gloss for special occasions – but I really got into makeup in Junior High School. At that time I felt like there weren’t a lot of makeup options for darker skin tones available, and the makeup artists at the department store counters seemed to think that loading up the darkest shades of shadow, blush, and lipstick was the only way to go – (this is before YouTube changed the world of makeup for women of color) – that’s when I decided to take matters in to my own hands and I became sort of obsessed with playing with makeup.

SITNB: What has been your biggest beauty splurge?
Zahra: My biggest splurge to date was probably my Invisalign braces I did a couple of years ago. It wasn’t something I absolutely needed to do, and I thought hard about doing it so late in life – I mean braces are supposed to be for kids, right? but I’m so happy with the results I am glad I went for it.

SITNB: Do you have a product that changed your life and/or beauty routine for the better?
Zahra: Brow powder. I seriously don’t know how I lived without it – I think filling in your eyebrows instantly makes you look healthier and younger – who doesn’t want that? Also, if I can sneak one more in – I recently discovered contouring, I know I am really late to the party on this one, but I found that highlighting and contouring makes such a big difference especially when I’m taking pictures or making a television appearance. I mentioned the products above but I use MAC blush in Blunt for contour and MAC Prep+Prime highlighter in Bright Forecast. I highlight the middle of my forehead, along my temples, down my nose, and contour only in the deepest hollow under my cheek bones. Then I blend, blend, and blend some more!

I hope you all enjoyed Zahra’s debut on SITNB! Don’t forget to check out her blog and daily adventures here.


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