Bottlefork Bar + Kitchen

I know I’ve said this before…..but Rockit Ranch you’ve done it again. The much anticipated Kevin Hickey + Billy Dec collaboration, Bottlefork, was nothing short of perfection from the second I walked in. The cozy space features bar seating, Chef Hickey’s table, and wooden shelves filled with a packed wine list, craft beer, and cocktails for every mood and occasion.

During my experience at Bottlefork, I had the pleasure of not only getting the scoop on Chef Kevin Hickey’s favorite dishes off the menu, but the inspiration that went into each item we ordered. Did I mention I was seated at the best table in the house? I had front row access into all of the prep work that went into every dish that came out of their kitchen that night.

Now for the most important part…….what was ordered off the menu.

photo 3 (2)photo 4 (5)

photo 5 (2)|The pimento cheese drizzled “Tots”  was the perfect way to kick off dinner|
photo 1 (5)|Fermin Black Hoof, a special ham from Spain accompanied by some damn good bread|

photo 1 (4)|Tamarind BBQ + Yogurt + Mint Smoked Lamb Ribs |

photo 2 (5)|Wood Grilled Ground Bacon Burger with a special sauce to accompany|
photo 2 (4)

A special shout out to Matthew for some pre-dinner cocktail recommendations, Alexandra our awesome waitress, and Chef Kevin Hickey for his hospitality.

This post would not be complete without the full low-down on our dessert. Their delicious mix of pretzel, caramel, chocolate fudge, and stout beer inside a shake was absolute perfection.

photo 3 (3)
Have you checked out Bottlefork yet? What were your favorites off the menu?


9 thoughts on “Bottlefork Bar + Kitchen

  1. Gina Mollo

    I was just there Friday night too! The tots were brought to our table by accident (thank God)! They were AMAZING and are double fried!!! I also had the whole roasted chicken which was also good! I’m looking forward to going back and trying some other dishes!


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