eSalon: a new option for hair coloring

I was flipping through ‘Lucky Magazine’ when I saw a headline that read, “Your New Colorist Is Inside Your Computer (and your phone, iPad, etc.).”  I obviously had to read on because I’m always looking for coloring options that come with the convenience factor. What eSalon offers is the stress-free environment that salons don’t always have, professional tips and techniques that you don’t get walking aimlessly through Walgreens trying to find the best boxed hair color- all at a price you can afford.

When filling out my profile, eSalon asked me very specific questions my colorist would normally ask and gives you the option to send in a current photo of yourself for the eSalon professionals to review. After sending in your picture, they also ask you to describe exactly what you are looking for in your new hair color.

For $24.95 your package will include custom blended Demi-Permanent haircolor,  developer, coloring accessories and a personalized application instructions.

For my out-of-the-box hair dye ladies and my regular salon goers, would you give this e-coloring a try? Has anyone tried eSalon or something like it?

Share your thoughts in the comment section! 

2 thoughts on “eSalon: a new option for hair coloring

    1. shortisthenewblack Post author

      It does sound too good to be true….they will do automatic sends to you based on how often you want to color your hair and if you sign up for it I think they take 20% off – can’t beat that!


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