Manicure Monday’s – OPI

For my second “Manicure Monday” I chose an oldie but goodie, “My Private Jet” by OPI.  First off, I must say, OPI’s names are to die for and the colors are endless!  This was a color I’ve always either seen on other people, or was runner up for my bi-monthly manicures.  I decided to purchase it although I haven’t worn OPI in a long time.  The color is gorgeous.  A deep black with glints of glamorous sparkle to create very minimal speckles.  The color reminded me of a starry night.

I received so many compliments on this color and even wrote the color down for a few people. I sometimes forget about OPI’s colors because of the numerous amount of options a girl has for nail polish now-a-days.  I have to admit, I was nervous about the chipping too.

I must say, either I did an extra good job on this manicure or that Butter London top coat worked magic once again.  I did find that with OPI top coat on one side and the Butter London on the other, the Butter London side won.  I wore this color for a FULL week, with only two chips on my left (very very minimal) and one chip on my right hand side.  I was very surprised and a very happy girl.  One of the most annoying things to have happen is when your nail chips, so I was very impressed with the results.

TOP COAT. TOP COAT. TOP COAT. TOP COAT – you really do need it people, I know it’s tedious but it beats having chipped nails on day two.  If it’s really a big damper on your day, get a fast drying one that dries instantly.


Now, bring it on Nicki Minaj OPI Collection, I will post pictures as soon as I get my nails on them.




One thought on “Manicure Monday’s – OPI

  1. Sue

    I love your manicure tips. I don’t typically use a top coat but I’m going to give it a try. Spending money on a manicure and then having your nail polish chip the next day is very maddening.


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