When I first started wearing makeup I was always told that makeup should be clean and natural, never too bright or dark (thanks mom).  I carried that with me most of my life, until about college when I really started experimenting (blue eye shadow circa ’07).  When I started working for Bobbi Brown I loved the idea of the natural beauty, my mom partially was right, natural beauty is one of the best things women can embrace.  My philosophy is someone should notice you first, your makeup after.  I love the idea that Bobbi Brown’s philosophy is that every woman is beautiful and her makeup products are used to accentuate the beauty in every women, making them feel #prettypowerful.  I have a few products that are must haves – EVERYDAY when I am going for a basic, natural look.

*Products are subject to change*

1. Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream $50: I can never wake up and not put on my hydrating face cream.  This product is AMAZING for my normal to oily skin in the summer and for my normal to dry skin in the winter.  This is the perfect moisturizer for a base with my foundation.  This moisturizer is like a drink of water for your face.  Moisturizers are essential for skin to look good and feel good.

 Available at or

2. Bobbi Brown BronzerGolden Light $35:  Bobbi’s bronzer is not a bronzer that is meant to make you look tan.  It is used to add warmth to your face.  I like to make a three with my bronzer brush.  I go outward with my brush on my forehead and work it into my cheeks, not going past the apple of cheeks, I then go under to make sure my face matches my neck.

REMEMBER: When choosing Bronzer don’t just go for the darkest shade, base it off of your undertones, for instant I have yellow undertones, someone with a red undertone should go with Bobbi’s Medium Bronzer.

Bobbi’s tip: dust your bronzer over cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin using the Bronzer Brush. 

 Available at or

3. Chanel Illusion D’ombre Long wear Eye Shadow – Emerville $36: I love Chanel’s Long wear eye shadows.  For an everyday look I like to stick with Emerville, but for more of an evening look I can use Illusoire which is a darker color.  These shadows really last and are easily smudge-able when first applied, but after they dry they aren’t going anywhere.  They don’t crease or smudge and are long lasting.

 Available at

4. Eye Brows Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow, Saddle $20: No matter what product you use, everyone could use a thicker brow.  I like to use Bobbi Brown’s eyeshadow in Saddle for my eyebrow color.  I don’t use it to really draw a new brow, but I use to fill in to give me a “fuller” eyebrow.  The nice part is mostly any kind of eye shadow brush will work just be careful where the shadow is going.  You really want to touch the skin with your brush. Tip: Begin at the inner corner of the brow and follow its natural shape using light strokes.

 Available at or

5. Lip Gloss -Burberry Lip Gloss Heather $27: Lip gloss is like icing on a cake.  Your lips and appearance just look better.  The nice thing is lip gloss isn’t permanent and if you wanted to change the color every hour of the day you could.  I like the basic lip color by Burberry.  It is very close to my natural lip color but it adds a little bit of color and shine.

                                                                                        Available at

6. Bobbi Brown’s Gel Liner Black Ink (MUST HAVE) $21: Everyone should and can wear gel liner.  This Long-wear gel liner is award winning and literally lasts all day.  Talk about no smudge or creasing, this liner will be your best friend.  If you think liner in general it is too harsh, go thinner (key is to stay as close to your eyelashes as possible).  Eye liner is really what defines your eye.  The nice thing about Bobbi’s gel liner is that it comes in many many colors to suit your complexion, style, or outfit.  I like to stay basic with an everyday black ink, but Bobbi offers colors such as:

  • Denim Ink – a navy blue
  • Sepia Ink– a rich brown
  • Ivy Shimmer – deep emerald green with black
  • Espresso Ink – a black brown
  • Caviar Ink – a deep black brown
  • Black Mauve Shimmer – a deep chocolate mauve
  • Chocolate Shimmer – a dark red brown
  • Cobalt Ink – a dark blue
  • Violet Ink – a violet purple
  • Granite Ink – a granite grey
  • Graphite Shimmer Ink – a dark grey
Use with Bobbi Brown Ultra Fine Liner Brush
7. Diorshow Black Out Mascara $24.50: The blackest of black mascara winner is……..DIORSHOW BLACKOUT.  The jet black of all mascaras out there.  For thick, full, lashes this mascara is your soulmate.  This mascara brings a whole lot of “oomph” into your makeup routine.

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